Reward Corner

Build fair and equitable pay structures. Boost employee engagement and performance. Improve talent attraction and retention with effective, evidence-based Pay & Reward systems and HR analytics to make a difference.

Are you asking yourself these questions in your business every single day? 

  • Is your pay and grading structure effective?
  • Is your jobs architecture sound?
  • Are your job evaluations and salary benchmarks logical?
  • Are your salary ranges attracting and retaining the talent?
  • Are you compliant with Equal Pay legislation?
  • Is your Gender Pay Gap a problem?
  • Have you got the right competency framework?
  • Do your HR people lack skills in Data Analysis?


A professional consultant, analyst, trainer, educator and solution provider in Job Evaluation, Grading Systems, Pay & Reward Management, Fixed and Variable Compensation, and HR and Reward Analytics.

Who are you?

Whoever you are, you’ve got practical challenges around pay management, pay structures, job evaluation, or attracting, retaining and motivating talented employees. You’re now looking for practical help and advice that makes a difference. 

Whether you’re working in the private, public or third sector, in a start-up or a global company, you have responsibility for pay management. Your job title might be Finance Director, HR Director, CEO, Head of Reward, Reward Manager or similar. 

Why you’re here

  • Your Reward systems, processes and policies aren’t working as you want them to. 
  • The reason they’re not working is due to design problems. 
  • There’s not a culture of felt fairness. 
  • You could be making better use of data analytics. 
  • Your message isn’t landing. 
  • You want to make positive changes on your pay management systems. 
  • You want a talented and motivated workforce that you retain. Every organisation does. 

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Vance.

I’ve spent over 20 years in Reward Management and Data Analytics. It’s been varied and interesting, and I’ve worked on lots of transformative projects.

But I saw a need for better Reward systems, and for practical Reward & Analytics education – which is what I’m really good at. That’s why I started Reward Corner. So that I could do it all the time. 

Before I did this for people like you, I was doing it for people like this

Build a culture of fairness and retain the talent 

  • Learn how to do Pay & Reward management intelligently.
  • Use better systems and analytics to develop effective pay management
  • I help you to ensure each employee hears you.
  • Every employee feels engaged and well rewarded.
  • More clarity and understanding.
  • Less noise, more signal.
  • Simpler and better. 

What do you gain?

  • Analytics inform your policy choices.
  • Granular approach to managing and leading.
  • Your HR community are skilled in using data analysis
  • Build a culture of fairness and performance excellence
  • Motivated, engaged employees who feel heard and valued.
  • The talent will beat a path to come and work for you.

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Reward & Compensation Consulting

I provide support on change projects aligned with your business strategy. We clarify your pay philosophy, build employee engagement and retention, and gain control over your salaries spend. If restructures are needed, I support you with the changes. 

You may be looking to change or optimise your processes, or you may want support on job evaluation, pay benchmarking, survey data or incentive design. How you present compensation is critical and I offer advice on Reward communications.

Whether your need is for the short term over weeks and months, or longer term over a full project lifecycle, I listen to gain a deep understanding of your issues, resources and goals. Actionable insights, practical solutions, effective execution. 

Here’s a sample of the projects I can support you with – 

  • Restructures and reorganisations
  • Developing a comprehensive Reward strategy
  • Job evaluation projects from the small to the very large
  • Building job code libraries using salary survey sources
  • Harmonising terms and conditions of employment
  • Shifting to a ‘single status’ workplace
  • Redefining overall Employee Value Proposition
  • Project planning for a range of Reward initiatives
  • Introducing new pay bands and new grading structures
  • Supporting Reward and HR communications 
  • Creating and embedding career paths for each job family
  • Transformation projects in HR, Sales and others


Education and Training 

I’ve developed a portfolio of trainings with practical value that make an immediate difference. The content is already tried and tested and it works. Delivery mode is via flexible online content or virtual classroom, and currently there are two main offers –

Reward Foundations for HRBPs 

Lots of HR Business Partners find Reward activities difficult. The course aim is for HRBPs to build practical Reward knowledge and deepen their dialogue with managers. In doing so, they build trust, and deliver support in ways that give line managers confidence in their advice. Topics include –

  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Job Analysis and organisation structure
  • Job design and job enrichment
  • Job evaluation and salary benchmarking
  • Equality, market competitive pay and internal equity
  • Salary review, bonus and incentives

Data Analysis for HR and Reward

Build the analytical skill-sets of your HR & Reward with Excel essentials. This training provides a practical foundation in Excel, and will interest Reward, HR and Payroll professionals who want to save time, and work faster and smarter. Knowing your way around Excel means a task can take 10 minutes if you know how, or days if you don’t. Learn how to perform Excel operations fluently –

  • Examples of VLOOKUP formulae  
  • INDEX + MATCH, CHOOSE, IF, IFERROR and other key formulae 
  • Pivot tables
  • Statistical functions
  • Charts and data visualisation
  • Manipulate large data sets surveys – salary & bonus reviews, sales commissions

Sessions can focus on any of a range of topics in which I’ve developed depth of professional experience, including – 

  • Job analysis, Job evaluation, job sizing, job levelling
  • Jobs architecture, benchmark jobs and job libraries
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Internal equity, pay relativities and differentials
  • Job design, organisational restructures and transformation initiatives
  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Career path development
  • Employee relations dimensions of Reward issues e.g. Trade Unions, negotiations
  • Project planning, Annual salary review, Annual bonus & Reward governance
  • Reward strategy and reward philosophy
  • Communications of Reward and HR initiatives
  • Equal pay audits and pay equality issues
  • Performance management systems
  • Sales compensation
  • Any other related HR, career and leadership issue

Coaching and Mentoring

I offer sessions of up to 2 hours where I gather information on your specific context and challenges, then share practical advice you can put to work immediately.

It might be that you need a sounding board on a particular issue, or need ongoing project support from a trusted partner. Either way, you want fresh insights, actionable advice and recommendations.

My HR experience spans over 25 years, with 17 in Reward. I’ve gained deep understanding and experience of pay management solutions, reward strategy, new pay and grading systems, job evaluation, salary benchmarking, annual salary and bonus reviews, sales compensation, analytics and reward education. I also have professional experience in software development, and as a coach, lecturer and educator.

With cross-sector and multi-industry experience, I’ve supported many different workforces, employee groups and organisation cultures in delivering change.

The work I do

As well as the assignments shown on the right, I spend time writing an evolving library of content for this website’s blog. I also produce educational content in the areas of Reward, Compensation and Analytics.

Over many years, I’ve created comprehensive playbooks detailing everything you need for effective pay management. All the strategies, frameworks, tactics, real-world examples, done-for-you templates, tools and breakthroughs you need to get traction and progress.

With additional expertise in HRIS and HRMI systems, I advise on new systems. If you are thinking about buying a new HR and Reward information systems, and need someone who knows this space, I will steer you towards the best solution.

I’ve found that many directors and managers can feel slightly vulnerable with the Employee Relations and Communications dimensions of pay management, and value having a seasoned advisor and critical friend to help navigate the challenges.

I also provide consulting services on technical Reward issues as a Contractor on a day-rate basis.

If you feel we are a good fit, find out more by getting in touch. 

Job evaluation, pay equality and salary benchmarking
    • Built comprehensive job libraries for Sodexo (FM business of 35,000, for Wood PLC (oil and energy company of 50,000) and for a water utility company of 4,000
    • Evaluated and market priced several thousand of distinct roles in various industries, up to C-suite and Executive level
    • Harmonised job grades for the top 2200 employees for an oil and energy company
    • End to end project management of job evaluation project for a local government organisation – project planning, pilot, employee briefings, job evaluation, rank ordering
Restructures and reorganisations
  • Redesign and restructure of Engineering team in a chemicals business, and of IT teams in several organisations
Sales compensation
  • Sales transformation project including job redesign, job evaluation, salary benchmarking, cost modelling and new sales incentive design for and FM provider across several business divisions to drive different sales behaviour
  • Developed solutions to chronic retention issue for a pharmaceuticals business – restructure, job redesign, new salary ranges and pay progression design, and more flexible sales compensation system
New pay grading systems
    • Design and introduction of new grading system, pay modelling and cost modelling (red and green circling), through to implementation, leading to a culture of greater transparency and felt fairness in local government
    • Project planning for new pay and grading system in a utility company, and for a large-scale job evaluation project in local government
Career paths, education and others
  • New employee benefits and recognition, and communications rollout for a housing trust
  • Built a ‘Reward 101’ education pack for the HRBPs for Sodexo, Balfour Beatty and Wood PLC
  • Captured and defined Career Paths for 14 job families in a major utilities business, and 19 job families in a facilities business
  • Created process maps for main cycle Reward activities (salary and bonus review) for a utilities company of over 8000 people

gradar – The Job Evaluation Engine 

To provide my clients with the best service possible when it comes to reward management and compensation analytics, I partner with gradar. Seriously, this is the best platform I’ve seen in this space. And I’ve been doing job evaluation for over 20 years!

gradar is an accessible, affordable software that provides a suite of specialist job architecture services like job evaluation, competency management and compensation analysis. 

Their simple, transparent application makes the analysis and evaluation of jobs easier than ever. And I work with you – as your own gradar consultant – to implement their non-proprietary approach and take your business forward.

Contact me

Let me know how I can help you – and how we can work together.